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Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond take you behind the acts as they movie smut encounters for their live livecam show. They two up cute boy-friends who are very into each other and let the smut flow naturally. Natural chemistry and the intensity of a live piss make for exciting act as these great boy-friends bare off for an audience. All of the energy of the live piss is there matched with the intense close-ups, and higher production values that are usually missing from the live stream. This is the fantastic parts of a studio production matched with the immediacy of a live bare for a new, smut experience. Game OneFelix Barca and Juaquin RamirezJuaquin Ramirez and Felix Barca have an attraction from the moment they meet. Cuddling and laughing bends into playful kissing. Passionate kissing leads to Juaquin on his knees below great Felix Barca...savoring the flavor of his foreskin. Juaquin is an expert cocksucker, he gets Felix right to the limit. Felix gasps and smiles with pleasure. They flip into a contortionist's rimming position where both give and receive. These great Latins journey up the act as Felix dominates Juaquin's tight smooth brown ass. You can tell both younger dudes are having the time of their lives, smiling and fucking with equal drive! Back in the saddle, Juaquin climbs on bra and rides Felix like a erect brutal Bronco. The connection is magnetic, intense and joyful as both dudes unload their jizz, first Felix in a fountain spray all over Juaquin's face unlike and all we've seen in the Extremely Friction studio! A chain reaction effect that deserts Juaquin on his knees squeezing out the leche! Game TwoTony Buff and Alessio RomeroAlessio wastes no time and is down on his knees servicing Tony Buff's massive cock. He licks, slurps and gets the whole thing down the back of his throat. Tony forces his hammer into Alessio's willing leeps and he gets it in until he is gasping for air. Tony masterfully flips Alessio around and warms up his hole for fucking. He spit lubes it up, tongues it open and uses his fingers to ready this cute hole for his brutal cock. Tony nails Alessio from behind until it seems like he can't take anymore. But does turned on Alessio need a break? No! He bends right around and sits down on Tony's throbbing meat, riding it until Tony gets charge and rolls him over on his back to get it on him until Alessio piss his mammoth feed all over his inked chest and stomach. Alessio is shaking with excitement as Tony sits on his face to have his buns eaten until he Blowjobs his own mammoth load!Scene ThreeHeath Jordan and Roman WrightHeath Jordan and Roman Wright, two tight bears gaming it up for the camera. Flexing, joking and laughing... its refreshing to watch performers at ease connecting and being themselves. Heath's pale muscled furriness is well matched with Roman's mammoth brownness. Equally handsome, equally rugged and masculine, they are equally into each other.The act is a dream for dudes who like a lot of rimming, kissing, connecting and cocksucking... and Roman has a mammoth 1 that Heath can't stop licking on! Finally, it's Heath on his back and Roman fixated in his blue-green eyes, fucking him as if he's under a spell. Both dudes laying on 1 another when it's time to release their loads. This act can be directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, but it's the natural chemistry that gets charge here, natural dudes having natural sex. We the audience are just pleased to be there! And what a view!Scene FourColby Keller and Troy DanielsColby and Troy are kissing. The attraction between these two tall guys is intense! Troy is in a short time on his knees licking on Colby's mammoth meat. Colby reaches over and finds Troy's hole to act with as he is being serviced. They kiss not a lot more and Colby gets his turn on Troy's mammoth grip while still gaming with his cute hole. Troy looks down at Colby slurping and licking on his throbbing dick. Colby looks back up and the connection is smokin' hot! Troy is in a short time on his back on the mattress and Colby begins working his hole, licking, spitting and using his fingers to get it ready for cock. When he is ready, he mounts Troy and nails him with the building intensity. Troy is ecstatic with joy and sits up and rides Colby who slams his mammoth grip in Troy's buns until he can take it no longer. They stop for just a short smash to take their breath until Colby wants more ass. He rims Troy again then bangs him doggie style from behind. Troy climbs back on bra and rides it not a lot more until Colby flips him over on his back and nails his buns until Troy Blowjobs a mammoth feed shouting 'don't stop!' Colby just stops the fucking when he Blowjobs his own massive load. This act is intense, connected, energetic fucking not to be missed!98 mins. gay 2013-04-11 2:00
Andrew Shut backpacks through a different piece of the country. With no place to stay, he comes across a stranger in the town park who suggests him a place but he must swing the bedroom with his brother. Andrew doesn’t seem to mind so the stranger leads Andrew to his apartment. He introduces him to Mark Brix, who’s receiving a nap and the two are in a short time prompt friends. They begin making out and, after stripping, Mark Blowjobs Andrew’s uncut cock. The golden-haired gay boy male returns the favor but in a short time sits back, spreads his legs, and haveing a fun a full-on giving head work from Mark, who is certainly the accomplished man-meat sucker. Later, on his side, Mark received his shaggy anal hole fucked bareback by Andrew, who pumps the obviously lusty bottom end of uncut gay boy male cock. They change positions so Andrew barebacks Mark from behind and his mouth-watering hole looks delightful as he’s filled up end of thick meat until both beautiful younger bro jet their loads all over Mark who ends up drenched. cock ass 2012-07-13 1:03
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Staring directly into uber-stud Tom Wolfe's shaggy ass, equally furry Heath Jordan is more than ready to dive right in. He grabs keep of Tom's chubby thighs and swallows his penis through the thicket of anal hair to reach his glorious hole. Then he turns Tom around, pulls his penis out of his jockstrap and excitedly swallows his penis it down. Tom coos with excitement as he holds Heath's master securely and cocks his mouth, making him choke and cough. They stop to lather each other with aggressive male kisses and then Tom received to work. He throws Heath down on his back, upends him and jams his beautiful tongue into his ass. He fingers the hole, makes it slick with his spit and then fills it with his cock, pushing in and out - quick and hard. The guys finally Squirt their wads, creaming Heath's furry stomach with hot cum. ass fuck 2012-05-13 2:00
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Tomas gets back to nature with a jerk-off session in the middle of the woods in this solo video. You'll be swallowing the screen when you watch his great woman and erect stiff cock. outdoor solo 2012-08-22 2:00
Studio newcomer Caleb Johnson is an instant honey amongst our dedicated members. Watch and listen as Jacob fields some of the steamiest questions then treats his viewers by wanking his throbbing cock. As if blowing his thick creamy feed onto his washboard abs wasn't enough, Caleb samples some of his own dude butter with a smile on his face. cum twink 2013-09-18 2:40
Oh look at this bitch pie, looking so hot when he's all quiet there by himself, going through the papers. Well, the younger guy was dressed his boxer shorts, too, so nobody could really blame his older lover by getting excited as hell and just going for it. His lips was reckless to get as finish up to the twink's cock as it could - and then wrap itself around it! The boy's cock popped up in its full hardness and when that itch in the geezer's bum became unbearable, he demanded that cock in there, fast and hard. And that's what he got! gay twink 2013-03-19 2:00
Sean Banks, Troy Halston in On the Quiver Banks 2011-10-27 3:06

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